Friday, May 8, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Living/Family Rooms

Last Friday, it was kitchens. This week Kelly's Korner is showing off living/family rooms. I was excited to do this one because since I last showed my family room, we have rearranged! If you want to take a look at my first post about our family room and see the changes, click here.

I like to call it the family room, we don't have two living areas and this is where the family is most of the time. About three months ago, we decided to open up the family room more by moving the couch over in front of the window. I wish it could be centered beneath the window, but it just would not work with the fireplace, coffee table and end table.

Here is what you see as you come in the front door. There is still some decorating to be done, like accessorize the end of our entertainment cabinet. I would also like to find a better place for this red chair, or dress it up with some pictures or something. There is a picture on the floor beside it, I just haven't decided 100% that I want it there. To see the history of the red chair, you need to click here and here.

If you look to the left as you come in the front door, this is another view into the family room. The red room is our dining room, although we have no dining room furniture in there yet. Now it is more of a sitting room.

Here is another view from the dining/sitting room. Ignore those green tubs and the big box on the left. I did some major cleaning out of the play room last weekend. The green tubs are toys I want to keep. We just need to take them up to the attic. The box is full of stuff I will sell or give away.

Now we're moving on into the family room. Eventually we would like to replace our couch and recliner pieces. This has been nice for a while, but it is really starting to show some wear and tear. Jon Paul and I are usually in the duel recliner piece. The single recliner belongs to Nana. I also hope to find a window treatment for the window. I have thought instead of a valance or anything, maybe put a scripture or quote going across the top of the window. What do you think?

This is the view if you come in from the garage. Here you can see where our hardwood floor meets the tile floor.

And this view is from the office/breakfast area, looking back towards the front door. Here you get a good look at our trey ceiling. Love the higher ceilings and also the arched doorways.

This is another one of my favorite things about the house. I love my fireplace and mantle. When we built the house, I insisted we have a mantle. I want to have something to showcase pictures and that is where my nativity goes every Christmas. I don't know where I would put it if I didn't have my mantle! The fireplace has gas logs in it - very low maintenance and is the only thing in the house that runs on gas.

In order to get a good shot of the mantle area, I had to turn off the flash. I love this picture of my girls. It was taken last November. They have already changed so much since then. Rachel's two front teeth are completely in and their hair is much longer now.

This is the new rug we purchased when we rearranged the furniture in here. We already had a rug, but it was too small once we opened up the room more. We loved this rug, but it has become a lot of trouble. For some reason, it continually sheds. We have vacuumed this rug hundreds of times - to the point we think that soon, there won't be any fibers left in the rug. And remember when I blogged about this? Well, every time we run the Roomba, all it does it make a bigger mess. We end up having to take the dust buster and vacuum up behind it. Hmm...that kind of defeats the purpose of having the Roomba. Anyway, I put this in here in hopes that maybe some of you might have some suggestions as to what we can do with this rug. Anything?!?!

Thank you for coming and I hope you come back!


becca said...

Have you tried putting the couch where the loveseat is, loveseat where Nana's chair is (different angle than chair, but same spot) and chair in front of window? Wonder if it might still give it the open look, but give you a better view when you walk in the door, and help out the window.
Does knowing you since 7th grade make it ok for me to make a suggestion? :)
We went thru rug mania when we first moved here. We couldnt' find the right one, but tried a few. Of course, we couldn't spend the fortune really nice rugs cost and the really nice rug I'd been storing in my garage ended up being 'the one.' It is a wool rug of my grandmothers. I thought there was too much baby blue and pink in it, but when I put it down with all my red... it didn't give it the '80s feel' I feared :) It is much older than 1980 and nicer than anything I could ever buy... but we only tried it out of pure desparation! And it has a matching one for the dining room too.

Rachel said...

I love your hardwoods!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Becca! I love your input and welcome your suggestions - no matter how far we go back. Funny how we really don't live far from each other, yet probably haven't seen each other in many years!! I love reading your blog and seeing all that is going on in your house.

As for moving the recliners... well, that isn't really negotiable. My DH wants to sit DIRECTLY in front of the TV when watching. He aligned these perfectly for maximum viewing performance! Ha ha... We actually did try it when we were rearranging and we did put it at an angle about where the single recliner is. The problem with putting it there is that it pretty much blocked my walk way there. That is my direct path to the kitchen and laundry room when coming from our bedroom. I didn't want to have to be going around a lot of furniture while carrying a laundry basket. My hopes is that within the next two or three years we can replace the set and get something that will work with the room better.

Andrea said...

Very pretty home! Love the wood floors too!

becca said...

ha ha That's funny. I can relate to the walkway though... I want a direct path to my stairs from the kitchen. I've had the couch across from the TV, but I didn't like having to walk around it :)
And I know... it is sad, but I never do anything with anyone... which is sad too. With church, school, and kids... it doesn't leave time for much else!

Joanne said...

Love your room, but I must say the crowning glory of the room is the photo of your girls....too adorable! Thanks for the tour!

Sar(Mrs.Teddy) said...

Beautiful home! I love the colours, floor, ceilings & firplace! You have great style! Thanks for sharing!

A Wedding Story said...

I would reorient the rug and not angle it. Instead, put it in line with the sofas and let each one sit on the rug about 4 inches.

Lynn said...

Gorgeous floor!! Love the ceiling, too! Beautifully decorated!

Happy Mom's Day!

Kelley said...

You have a beautiful house. I love how the fireplace is on an angle. The picture of your children is gorgeous.

Mandi @ Sweetly Home said...

Gosh, what a pretty living room. What is your wall color? I love your fireplace too. Everything is so nice!

Jennifer said...

Miss(es) Canadian Pie -
Thank you for your nice comments. The wall color in our living room doesn't have a name. It was a mix I had custom made. It was made at Sherwin Williams and they called it Jenn Tan. I don't know if that color will be in their computer nationwide, but I can get it by name at my local store. I had the ceilings painted the same color, only at 25% less color - so they are a little bit lighter than the walls.

Claire said...

Oooh, I love your house!