Monday, May 4, 2009

Walt Disney World Vacation - Interesting/Funny!

A few interesting/funny things I wanted to point out about this vacation to Disney World. First, I found it interesting that I had packed the same shirt for Bekah to wear that Rachel wore on our last visit to Disney World in 2003. You might not find it all that interesting, but I wanted to remember it - so I'm putting it here before it leaves my brain! :-) I only captured one photo of Rebekah wearing it, but here are two to compare.

2006 - Rachel in the shirt with Cinderella.

2009 - Rebekah in the shirt on the Tea Cup Ride.

When we went to Disney World in 2003, Rebekah was only 14 months old. One of my funniest memories of that trip was of her with Prince Charming. We were eating at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian and she had kept herself entertained with eating and playing with one of their rolls. The roll was kind of hard on the outside and really soft on the inside. She played/ate on that thing for almost an hour! Well, when it came time for Prince Charming to come to our table, here is Rebekah - doing her best to impress him!

She's a real princess - don't you think!!! Anyway, she had seen the pictures of our trip in 2003 and she thought it was real funny of her with the roll. So, this time, every time we would eat somewhere that had a roll - she would play the part, all over again. When we realized we were going to get to eat at 1900 Park Fare again, she said she was going to show Prince Charming her roll trick again. She practiced it the entire meal. So, Prince Charming came to our table and we told him the story. We told him the Rebekah wanted to do it again and he was all for it! Rebekah, however, became too shy to do it. We finally did get this photo of her, Prince Charming and the famous roll.

No matter that it wasn't in her mouth - it was still precious. I will leave you with a few more comparison photos. Definitely something that we'll remember forever!

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