Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Morning

We woke up just before 6am to the sound of two little girls whispering in the family room. We jumped out of bed, to which they ran back to their rooms. I went to the hallway by their rooms and the following conversation took place:

Me (jokingly): Go back to bed! Santa hasn't come yet!
Rachel: Yes he has! He ate his cookies.
Rebekah: And he drank his chocolate milk too.
Me: How do you know that?
Rachel: We saw the plate.
Me: Ohhh...you've been in there!
Rachel: I didn't look at anything the first time!!
Me: The first time! How many times have you been in there?
Rachel: Three

So, they were up early!! Anyway, we quickly made our way into the family room to check it all out.

Yes! Santa did come and eat his cookies and drink his chocolate milk!

He brought Rachel a Build-a-Bear Wii game and a Tinkerbell DS game. He brought Rebekah the baby doll that goes pee pee and poo poo and washes her hands and brushes her teeth!

Here are the girls with their stockings - stuffed full of surprises!!

And here is Rachel with all of her stocking stuff! She loved her Tinkerbell DS skins!

And Rebekah with her stocking stuff. I think she kissed every item as she pulled it out! She really loved all her Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! figures.

Jon Paul got the Super Dooper Reindeer Pooper! He and the girls got a big kick out of this.

He is the before shot of Rachel and her presents. She could not wait to tear into them!

And the before shot of Rebekah and her presents. She wasn't interested at all in opening anything. She just wanted her baby doll free from her packaging so she could play with her.

So, we didn't rush Rebekah and let Rachel tear into her gifts. She was surprised to see this. We thought it was perfect for her, she wants to be a dentist when she grows up!

And the one other thing she most wanted. An Easy Bake Oven. I have fond memories making many things in my own Easy Bake Oven. A little back story on this gift. Jon Paul and I went shopping for their gifts while on our Anniversary Getaway. Upon getting home, we didn't unload them from the van since the girls were awake and all that. Well, forgetting they were back there, we went somewhere. As Rachel was getting into the van, she looked into the back and guess what was sitting right on top of everything? Yes, the Easy Bake Oven. She told me the next day that she saw it. She was so excited, but I told her to she better act surprised on Christmas morning!

After much work, Rebekah's baby is free from her packaging! And she is still not interested in opening anything else. But we manage to slowly get one opened every five minutes or so.

Nana got Rachel and Rebekah matching newborn baby dolls. They are so realistic looking and might I add, they are anatomically correct! We now have to more little girls in the house. :-) Here is new Mommy, Rachel.

And new Mommy, Rebekah. She loved both her babies that she got for Christmas. She calls this one her, "Born Baby" - instead of newborn baby! And don't forget, this baby's new bed is the washer! And speaking of washer...

Rebekah got a new front loading, My First Kenmore washer and dryer! After she had opened a few, she decided she wanted to open the gigantic present. She really loves is and has it doing double duty...laundry and sleeping quarters.

And last, a picture of Rachel with all her gifts after they are opened. This was the only after photo I got. Rebekah wasn't interested at all in sitting for a photo and I wasn't going to force it! I hope you enjoyed this look at our Christmas morning. Come back for a look at our Cabot Family Christmas and photos of the big kids Christmas presents!!

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Karen said...

Nick got the Super Dooper Reindeer Pooper too! Heads up....if you have some place that sells bulk Jelly Bellys, the root beer ones are good!
I know he has a Super Dooper Penguin Pooper from a few years ago, but that one doesn't get used because there is no "replacement candy" available.
Looks like a fun Christmas!!!