Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas for the Big Kids!

Now for the Big Kids, ie. Jon Paul and me! We are kind of weird in that we usually buy our gifts for each other when we are together. And we go ahead and open them up and play with them. Then, we wrap the empty boxes and put them under the tree. We've done this almost every year we've been together. We still buy a few small gifts for each other that are a surprise for Christmas morning. So, what did we get this year? Well, Jon Paul got Guitar Hero World Tour and Jennifer got an iPod Touch! Exciting! Here are a few photos of Jon Paul and the girls enjoying being in the band!

We moved the Wii into our bedroom, which proved to be a great decision. So, here's Jon Paul on the guitar.

And our little drummer girl, Rebekah. We had to prop the bass pedal on a pillow so she could reach it!

And lead singer, Rachel! She couldn't wait to get that microphone in her hands! We are all really loving it!

And here is a photo of my iTouch. I LOVE IT! I really would have liked an iPhone, like Jon Paul has. But we couldn't justify the extra $50 per month to have the phone service. So, with the iTouch, I have can do everything that I did with the iPhone except make a call and take a picture! I can live without those things! Right now I'm hooked on playing iFarkle on it.

Christmas morning, Jon Paul got some new lounge pants with Coca-Cola all over them and an iTunes gift card. Jon Paul surprised me with a small speaker set that I can hook my iTouch up too to listen, LOST season 4 on DVD and some delicious candy! It was a great Christmas and was so much fun celebrating it in our wonderful new home.

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