Monday, January 12, 2009

Intellectually Challenged Car Dealership

So we are shopping for a new van. We've been looking all over online for a used Honda Odyssey, hoping to find one we like and hoping to find it relatively close. They aren't easy to come by. So, imagine our excitement when we found a used car dealership nearby that had TWO in stock! So, after cleaning up our current van, we headed to the dealership on Saturday. Here is a break down of what happened after our arrival.

We find the two vans, they are unlocked and we begin to check both of them out. After over twenty minutes, no one has come to help us. Finally, a man comes over. He doesn't have much to say, the conversation goes like this:

Jon Paul: What can you tell us about this van?
Salesman: It is a 2005, never been wrecked, never been repainted...
Jon Paul (interrupts): I don't think so, look at that bumper, it's not the same color as the rest of the van. And those seems, they don't match up.
Salesman: Uhhhh, I'll have to check on this.
Jon Paul: What about this other van?
Salesman: It is a 2007.
Jon Paul (after some silence): You have some keys so we can drive it?
Salesman: Sure, let's go inside and I'll get them.

So, we go inside and into his office. He sits down with a sheet of paper and asks some questions. This is where the salesman and dealership reveals itself as intellectually challenged.

Salesman: Are you planning to pay cash or finance?
Jon Paul: We will finance and we have a trade.
Salesman: What is your trade-in?
Jon Paul: 2005 Chrysler Town and Country Limited
Salesman: Do you owe or is it paid off?
Jon Paul: We still owe on it.
Salesman: Let's call and get your payoff amount.
Salesman: (gets Jon Paul's SS#, calls bank, they aren't open, starts to ask some more questions)
Jon Paul: Hey, before we do all this and waste your time and my time, can I take the van for a drive?
Salesman: Well, not yet.
Jon Paul: Why not?
Salesman: Well, the way we do things here is we like to get the sales price set and agreed upon, get the trade in amount agreed upon, and get your payments where you want them and agreed upon. If we can't get all of this worked out and set in place, then we don't see the need for a test drive.
Jon Paul (completely shocked!): You're joking, right?
Salesman: No, we want to work all this out before the test drive.
Jon Paul: What if after driving it I don't want your d*#@ van?
Salesman: That's just the way we do it.
Jon Paul: Well, that is just plain stupid. Let's go.

We leave. They let us. We get a few miles down the road when we realize that the salesman wrote Jon Paul's SS# down on a sheet of paper and we wanted to go get that back. So, we turn around and head back.

Hmmm, will they decide to give in and let us drive it when they see us come back? No. Jon Paul hunts the guy down and tells him that he wants that paper. They guy says, "I can understand that." They head back into his office, where he then proceeds to dig through his trash can for the wadded up sheet of paper! Jon Paul then tells him, "Dude, you know you could get sued for not disposing personal information properly?!?" To which the salesman had no response.

Stupid, stupid, STUPID!!!! They let us walk out TWICE over a TEST DRIVE!! How ridiculous is that?!?! I don't feel too bad for their economic situation if they were willing to let someone walk over a test drive. Guess they didn't need our money. And we take it as a sign that we don't need those vans either!


Anonymous said...

Wow. What dealership was it, if you don't mind my asking? ;) I want a Honda Odyssey SOOOOO bad for my next van. But that's gonna be awhile from now. :)

Jennifer said...

I didn't post the name, but if you click on the link where it says "used car dealership" - it will take you to their website.

Yeah, I've always wanted one. Wanted one when we got our current one. Couldn't find one we could afford. Bought the extended warranty for our current van and it has already paid out over $5,000 in repairs in 2.5 years. We have less than 8,000 miles before that warranty runs out - so we want to get rid of it before then. Word of advice - never get a caravan or town and country!

Anonymous said...

We currently own our second Odyssey and it is a great vehicle. However, as a car salesman for 5 months last August through December at Dave Sinclair Buick, Pontiac, GMC at Tesson Ferry and Lindbergh I can HIGHLY recommend their dealership. In used cars, ask for Don Placke and tell him George Hartman sent you and see what they have. I guarantee you'll be treated like a valued customer.

Jennifer said... a car salesman, don't you think it is a bit ridiculous to not let a person first test drive BEFORE you start all the paperwork and dealing?

Jonesboro Realtor said...

OMG! I'm glad you guys did not stand for that. That's redic!