Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Addition To The House!

Our new Play-A-Round Frontier Fort! The girls have been so patient to get their new playground. We promised them a playground from the day we started building our new home. Rachel wanted one with an upstairs, a tire swing and monkey bars. We found this one online through the Sam's Club website. No monkey bars, but it had two houses, both upstairs! It is made from 100% white cedar and is sturdy as a rock! The girls love it and couldn't wait for it to get done so they could play on it. In the photo, the "rocks" hadn't been put on the wall beside the slide. Jon Paul added those today, along with the steering wheel and telescope. Next weekend we will add a sealant to help keep it this nice, clean, white look. I'll post some more photos of the girls playing soon. Thanks to Daddy, Grandpa and a good friend, Robert, for putting this together yesterday!

1 comment:

debbiearnn said...

wow! that is something else!
i don't believe i've ever seen one that big in somebody's backyard!
you realize that means you're gonna be the "HANG OUT HOUSE" don't ya?