Thursday, June 19, 2008

Major Purchase, EIFS, and More

We made another major purchase for the house last night! We bought our refrigerator. We bought a stainless steel french door style Samsung refrigerator. I love it and I'm glad we splurged a little. It will look LOVELY in our kitchen! We purchased it at Best Buy and received a $200 gift card back. Hopefully, we can use that towards the purchase of my new washer and dryer! :-) Here's a photo of the refrigerator. Isn't it pretty?!?!

Betty and I went out to the house this morning. We had to choose a new marble for the bathroom counter tops. This had to be done ASAP. We were also able to pick out the color of our garage door. All of our lighting fixtures had been delivered, so we counted up how many light bulbs we are going to need. We're going to bite the bullet and purchase all CFL bulbs. Not cheap up front, but hopefully will save us a lot on our energy bill. Took a photo of our heat pump. It doesn't look quite as large in the photo. They still have to finish out the wiring.

And the thermostat, well, I didn't take a photo. But you can click here to see a picture of it and read about all the fancy features it has. I did bring home the box and instruction manual for it. I think I will let Jon Paul figure that all out!

And a lovely surprise when we pulled up, the EIFS is all done! Here, take a look!

Sure would look even better with a front door!! Please be in prayer about this. This is the only thing that has our builder worried about closing in mid-July. This thing had to be special ordered because of the transom over the top of the door. They originally said it would take eight weeks....that was about twelve weeks ago. They have given our builder a tentative date of July 2nd. This will make it really tight. The brick, trim, hardwood floor, and sheet rock cannot be finished until the door is installed. Yuck! I just have to remain patient and know it will all work out...just like everything else has. OK, guess that is all for now. We're going back up there tomorrow after we pick up all the light bulbs. The electrician's crew was supposed to start installing the light fixtures this afternoon, so we may have lights by tomorrow! Stay tuned to see...

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Karen said...

I am insanely jealous about your fridge! We had a regular top freezer and needed a new fridge. I so wanted the french doors with bottom freezer but we were about 2 inches shy to be able to swing it (darn 1978 house specs). We ended up with a bottom freezer, which I do like. But the fridge door will NOT swing all the way open because of the countertop. But there was no way I wanted a side by side.
In my NEXT house, I'm going to lobby for a french door fridge!!!