Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Cost of Going Green

Yesterday we spent two hours in Lowe's getting all of our light bulbs picked out. We had a big list to find exactly what our lights required. We needed dimmable can lights, regular 40W CFL's, regular 60W CFL's, decorative CFL, ceiling fan CFL's in both wattages, regular can light, etc. What a mess!!! And for a little less than $500 later, we had all the lights for our house. And, it was nice because when we got out there, we were able to put them in the fixtures! Here are some photos for your enjoyment. Rachel and Rebekah have the same fan in their bedrooms. They are very girly and the pinks matched perfectly.

Here is Nana's fan. This same fan is in the play room and the oil rubbed bronze version of this fan is in the breakfast area.

Here is the fan in the family room. I love how it looks. We didn't put a light on this one because we have eight can lights in there too.

And here is our dining room chandelier. It has nine lights on it and looks great. The light in our entryway is in the same family as the dining room, but only has three lights and they face down. I tried to get a photo of it, but with the plywood in the background, it just didn't look good. You'll have to see it later, once the door gets installed.

And here is the fan in the master bedroom. This fan is sleek looking and came with a remote. Not sure if we will ever use it, but we have one if we need it! I think we would actually use one more in the family room, but that fan didn't come with one.

And last, here is a shot of the kitchen. You can see the pendant lights coming down over the bar and part of the larger light. It is a regular florescent light, but looks like one big fluffy cloud and hugs the ceiling. I really like how the pendants turned out. They have clear, almost flat globes and it keeps your eye moving right through them.

A wonderful surprise...our appliances had been delivered and installed! Well, the dishwasher wasn't, the plumber will do it next week. I am in love with my nice, large oven!!!

So, next week I should have some photos of our plumbing fixtures.

Here's a stupid contractor story for you...

I'm glad we went to the house yesterday. When we got there...the doors were left UNLOCKED and they had left with the "hidden" key. We have $2,500 worth of lighting fixtures and over $2,500 worth of appliances in there now. And, we thought it felt really cool in the house, so we checked the thermostat. It was set to HOLD at 64 degrees!!!! We don't have any insulation in our attic yet and the air would have continually ran forEVER on that setting. And guess who is footing the bill for that? WE ARE!!! So, being the techy man my husband is, he read the instructions to the thermostat and found out that we can lock the keypad and keep everyone from changing/messing with the settings!!!


Karen said...

We just had ceiling fans installed in all of our bedrooms and I love them!
Your house looks AWESOME. I can't wait for the virtual housewarming party!

Anonymous said...

The house looks GREAT!! I love seeing all your updates.

Creative Memories question...if you can still get one, could you please order me a Denim Coverset? I saw that it's on clearance and I'd like to do an ABC album in one. Let me know if they're still available! Thanks!!

Purple Teacup said...

Hi Jennifer, visiting you from Dana's blog which I found thru Lesley's blog. I love the colors in your house- especially the dining room. How exciting!

P.S. My husband & I met on the internet too.