Saturday, June 28, 2008

Build-A-Bear Birthday Bash!

We survived! Rachel's birthday party was a lot of fun. We had ten friends and family show up to make an animal and I think they all had tons of fun. We all met at the store and they could not wait to choose what animal they were going to take home. Rachel and Rebekah quickly found what they wanted....a bunny. But, they each choose a different bunny! Rachel named her bunny, Quincy Briley, after her friend, Quincy, from school. Rebekah named her bunny, Katie, but after coming home has said her name is Sally!

The party set up at Build-A-Bear is really neat. The party coach takes over and the kids are entertained the entire time. Everything flowed quickly and before we knew it, the party was all over! Here are a few snapshots from the party. This first one is Quincy, Rachel and Evelynne, with their animals.

Here they are getting their party names and playing a few games while we waited for the rest of the guests to arrive.

They gave everyone two red hearts. They hugged, loved and made a wish on the first heart and put it into their own animal. Then, they hugged, loved and made a wish for Rachel on the second heart and everyone put their second heart into Rachel's bunny! In this photo is Rachel's cousins, Courtney and Joshua, Emily, Evelynne, Kathryn, Sarah, Rachel, Quincy, Joseph.

After the party was all over and everyone had stuffed, fluffed, dressed and registered their animal, we headed downstairs to the food court for cake. Rachel chose to open her presents first. She got more clothes for her Build-A-Bear, a doll, Polly Pocket stuff, Littlest Pet Shop stuff, a cool bag with her name on it, money, and lots of craft supplies. And after the presents....comes the cake! Rachel was so surprised to see her cake and see that SHE and her bear, Pink Kiss, were on it! It turned out great. I had a good friend who made it for me and she did a wonderful job. The image on it was an edible image...which all the kids thought was really neat.

When we got home, it was late and definitely past their bedtime. They wanted to have a slumber party with their animals. So, we got out the sleeping bags and made places for everyone. Here is a shot right before lights out. They were so excited, but it didn't take long for them to go to sleep.


Karen said...

Looks like a really fun time. I love that all of the kids put a heart in Rachel's bear! That's just too sweet!

debbiearnn said...

Happy Birthday, Rachel!!!

Sounds like fun.