Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to Rachel!!!

I cannot believe that six years ago today I became a mother. Rachel was born around 8:30 pm after thirteen hours of labor and an emergency c-section (which I'll save all the details for another blog post!). She came into this world screaming and hasn't stopped talking yet! :-)

Today we spent the day as a family. She opened her presents first thing this morning and was so excited to get several High School Musical things and some Tinkerbell/Fairies toys. We went to see the movie Wall-e, which was OK and Rebekah enjoyed it (it was her first big screen movie). After the movie, we went back to Build-A-Bear to get an outfit for their animals. Upon coming home, Rachel found her last gift...a brand new, big bike! She was so excited. For dinner, we went and ate with Granna and Grandpa. Oh yeah, we also watched High School Musical 2.

In honor of the birthday are six things I love about Rachel.

1. I love that she looks like me. She is the brown hair, brown eyed little girl I always dreamed of having.

2. I love her outgoing spirit. She has never met a stranger and is never afraid to go up and introduce herself in order to make a new friend. She definitely doesn't get this from me.

3. I love her creativity. She loves to put on plays. Her imagination amazes me.

4. I love her eagerness to learn. She is always asking questions, among her favorite, "Why?" And as much as it gets on my nerves, I know this is why she is so smart.

5. I love how her brain is like a little sponge. She takes in everything and forgets nothing. She is so smart. Reading at age four...reading chapter books at age five...what next?

6. I love her nurturing heart. She loves to take care of people. She is very compassionate and wants to make people happy.

Rachel, thank you for making me a mother and thank you for being you. I love you!

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debbiearnn said...

For real, I TOTALLY can't believe how much she looks like you!!!

It takes me back to those GA field trips. I guess because that's when we hung around each other the most...