Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Things Are Happening!

We did make it out to the house last Saturday. The tile was laid and grouted. For the most part, it looked great! There was some problems in Betty's bathroom with some chipped and uneven tiles. Builder Bruce has assured us that it will be fixed. And the EIFS had been started. Did you know that the base of EIFS is Styrofoam? We didn't! Well, it is! You can see it in the photos below.

Here is a photo of the kitchen/breakfast area tile. You can't really see it in this picture, but it is laid in the offset, brick pattern. It's still a bit dirty. And you can't really tell, but they are the 18 inch tiles. I LOVE IT!!!

This is the master bathroom tile. Again, it's the 18 inch tiles, laid in the offset, brick pattern. You can see it better in this photo.

For the half bathroom, the girl's bathroom and Betty's bathroom, we used the same tile, but the 12 inch size. These are much smaller places and it looks really good. Here is a photo of the girl's bathroom.

And now a photo of the EIFS. This first photo was taken on Saturday. They had all of the base part done. It was a stark white - Styro-foam color! The final color will match the siding and windows. The workers were still outside when we were there, so this was the best photo of the outside.

We went back to the house on Monday. Jon Paul wanted to meet with Builder Bruce about the tile and we knew that the kitchen counter tops were installed!! But first, here is another shot of the EIFS. They put this mesh and concrete mixture over parts of it. But it is a better photo of the whole front of the house.

So, like I was saying before, the kitchen counter tops were installed and they are gorgeous. Don't worry...photos are below! Also, our massive air conditioner was installed that day, actually I think it actually is a heat pump. We didn't even notice it until the counter top man said something about it. Jon Paul checked outside and I checked for the thermostat and yes, it was all there! Didn't get any photos of them. The thermostat, I think you might need a PHD to figure it out. I hope it comes with a book! I'll try to snap a few photos of them the next time we're out there. Now, for the last few photos. Here are the counter tops!


Karen said...

OH MY GOODNESS! It's beautiful! You have such patience to deal with all of this. ;)

debbiearnn said...

wow. they've been busy!
I wanna see the island in the kitchen...didn't you say it was gonna be black? i'm trying to imagine what it looks like with the rest of the cabinets...

tile looks great! with the ac in, I'm sure you all just can't WAIT to get into that house!!!

Just a few weeks left, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Love the tile! May I ask what the name of it is? Porcelain?
Thank you,
Lynn H.
Richmond, VA

Jennifer said...

Thanks Lynn. The floor tile is 18" Tambo. In these pictures, they are really dirty. Check out my posts in November where I give the new house tour. You can see them all cleaned up! Here is a link to where you can see one of the tiles close up. http://www.lopeztiledepot.com/Rio%20Tambo13x13.jpg