Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Awards and House News...

I have received my first Blog award! Karen over at Pediascribe has bestowed up me the following awards:

Thanks Karen for the honors. You're a great blogging buddy! If any of you have time, go check out her blog, it's great! And if you listen to Podcasts, her husband does an awesome one called Pediacast. He is a pediatrician and talks about great topics focused at parents and our children.

So, what's been going on here? A LOT!!! My stress level has been up and we've been running 90 mph around here since the offer. We do have an apartment secured to move into. It's 1221 sq. ft., only 300 less than we have here! It's three bedrooms and two bathrooms and will work perfectly for the short term. We're going to give Nana her own bedroom and put the girls together. That should be a lot of fun! I think we may have a trial run before we make the big move.

The home inspection was done yesterday and from what I could hear (yes, I was eavesdropping!), I think all is OK. Hopefully it's all just minor things. I will update you when we get the official report. Today the appraisal was done. Again, I'm hoping all was good and that it appraised for at least $129,900!

And great news! We officially broke ground on our new house on Tuesday, February 19th...the day after we got the offer on our current house! They scraped the lot on Tuesday and on Wednesday, the footings were dug. Yesterday and today they laid the concrete blocks. The plumber is supposed to come tomorrow or Thursday and do his stuff and the foundation should be poured next Monday!!! We drove out there tonight and it was so exciting to see progress!

Thanks to everyone who sent the congrats on the home sale. Everyone we tell can NOT believe we sold in 18 days with the market the way it is now. I can't either. I give God all the glory!! Until next time...

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Karen said...

You deserved every one of those awards! :)
Sounds like a great apartment for the transition!! And how exciting the house is starting to take shape!!!