Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Number of days our house has been on the market

Number of times our house has been shown

Number of full asking price offers

Number of days until we close

Number of days until we have to be completely moved out!!

I'm full of excitement, nerves, stress, relief, etc. And can I tell you that besides having to get us moved out of our house that the next three weeks are chocked full of OTHER things we have to do!?!?!? One of which is my very busy preparation time for my semi-annual Duck Duck Goose sale!!

3/4 - Cirque de Soleil
3/7 - Jon Paul's birthday
3/8 - Rebekah's birthday party
3/9 - Bill Cosby show
3/11 - Rebekah's birthday, drop off Duck Duck Goose stuff
3/12 - Shop at Duck Duck Goose (gone all day!)
3/13 - Work at Duck Duck Goose and close on house
3/14 - Monthly crop at my church
3/18 - Be totally moved out of house and turn possession over!!!

Anyone free to help?!?! :-)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Your realtor is on the ball (and God's on your side, too!). WOW! Good luck. I'll get you some boxes.

April Dumond

Faith said...

Congrats, that is awesome! Especially because (at least where I am) the market has been slow...what terrific news!

Karen said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! All that work to get your house ready is probably the reason it showed so many times and sold so quickly!!!
I know it's stressful, but at least you're done with showings!
I'd love to help, but I don't think I'm close at all.

Michelle said...

Congrats to you! I know you are excited. God is faithful!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the sale!! Sorry I couldn't make it to the crop today -- Abby and Zac have had the flu all week so I spent the day catching up on stuff and getting my stuff ready for the Rhea Lana sale. But (unless something goes crazy) I will see you in a couple of weeks at the church crop!

debbiearnn said...


You already know that we sold our house fast like that, too.

So happy for you guys!!!

Karen said...

Head's up......awards for you on my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

You write very well.