Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Prayer Request Update

An update on the Hamilton family...

Brian is getting sicker by the day. It has been amazing to see just how quickly this cancer has progressed. Part of which we feel is an answer to prayer, because we have asked God to not make Brian linger and continue to be in pain any longer than necessary.

Kristina has been very emotional. It's getting very real. They brought in a hospital bed today. Tonight he will not be in the bed with her and maybe not ever again. She is also very exhausted. She was supposed to have The Talk with Makayla tonight. So far, they haven't told her the seriousness. But tonight at dinner, Makayla made a comment and said, "When Daddy gets better, we're going to do something special." They knew it was time to tell her. I was brought to tears tonight just thinking about how it would feel for me to have that conversation with Rachel. I cannot even begin to imagine having to do that.

My sister has even more posted over at her blog if you want to read more. She told me tonight that she was reading from the booklet that Hospice gave Kristina. It maps out exactly what to expect and about when to expect it with Brian's particular cancer. It lays out a time line that helps you gage about how much time is left. Cynthia said that from reading it, she is guessing Brian has one to two weeks left. And to think, less than a month ago his doctor said he had four to six months left.

Sorry if this is disjointed, but my mind is muddled with emotion. I wanted to get this update out so people can be praying for them. All you prayers are greatly appreciated. I am going up there this weekend to spend some time with my sister. So, I quit now for fear of rambling on...


The Wood Family said...

Hi Jennifer, I'm confused. Is Brian part of your family or a friend?

Jennifer said...

My sister is Cynthia.

Cynthia is married to Randy.

Randy's sister is Kristina.

Kristina is married to Brian.

That help?

Karen said...

Wow. I read your posts in the wrong order. Based on the hospice information he has weeks, and then he goes today. All in God's time.