Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Walt Disney World Vacation - The Reveal and Flights to Orlando

Saturday, April 18th

We woke up bright and early and got everything all ready. Then at about 6:00 a.m. we went and woke up the girls. They were really confused as to why we were waking them up so early. After getting dressed, we had Rachel read a short story to Rebekah. Here is the video of The Big Reveal!

Rebekah was still half asleep and Rachel thought we were pulling a joke. She kept asking if we were really going. We left for the airport around 6:45 a.m. After checking our bags and passing through security, we made it to our gate, only to find out that our flight was going to be delayed. The airplane suffered a bird strike when landing and they had to call maintenance to check everything out. They didn't know how long it might take, but as it was, we knew we would probably NOT make our connecting flight in Houston. I went up to the counter to see what could be done. At first, she said there were no more flights and they could put us on standby, but could not guarantee that we would all fly out together. I told her that would not work. We had to fly together. After looking some more, she found another flight that we should be able to make.

We finally left Little Rock and headed to Houston. There was rain in Little Rock when we left and there were storms in Houston where we were going. That flight was really rough. Probably the roughest flight I have ever been on. Our decent into Houston was really painful and we were bouncing all over the place. Not to mention, we were flying right in the storm and there was lightening flashing all around us and you could really hear the thunder. Once we got close to landing, our plane was really rocking back and forth. We touched down and the plane came to a screeching halt. It was really pouring down rain, but thankfully we were on the ground and still in one piece!

We made it to our connecting flight and upon checking in, we were told that our seats were in first class! That definitely made us happy. And that plane was so nice. We had comfortable, leather seats that reclined and had foot rests. We all had a personal TV monitor. The girls were able to watch Bolt for the first time on that flight. Sitting in first class really spoiled us though! The flight from Houston to Orlando went great. They rerouted us around the storms and it took a little bit longer, but it was definitely a pleasant flight.

We landed in Orlando and made our way to the Disney Magical Express station and boarded our bus to Disney's Old Key West Resort. We got to our resort around 6pm and got all checked in and made it to our room. We didn't stay there too long because we boarded another bus to take us to the Magic Kingdom! More on our visit to the Magic Kingdom in the next post!


Karen said...

Ok, that video is precious. I just have to ask.....what would you have done if the girls had chosen "fair" instead of "Disney World?"

I ask b/c when we surprised our kids, they did a scavenger hunt and the clue was that we were going to a "land that was fun." My then 3 yr old had a fit b/c we weren't going to this place in town called Funland. He wanted to go there, not WDW! :)

I also love that Rachel said this was better than her friend's trip to Hot Springs! hee hee!

Janie said...

What a cute video! I love how sleepy Rebekah is throughout the whole thing. :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! Zac came in while I was watching it, so I explained what you guys did. He now plans to use the idea someday, hope you don't mind! ;)