Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rebekah's Birthday Party

We had Rebekah's Birthday Party on March 21st. I know, I'm late in coming with the details and photos! She wanted to have it at the gymnastics place again. So, we had it at Huff-n-Puff Gymnastics in Jacksonville. It was a fun time and we had family, friends and school classmates all come to enjoy the day with her. She also wanted another "Rocket Cake" this year. So, for a second year in a row, we had a Little Einsteins "Rocket" cake. Everyone loved it! Here are some photos from the day for your enjoyment.

The family had already given Rebekah her gift. We (parents, grandparents and two aunts/uncles and cousins!) all chipped in to get her a pink car. That was all that she wanted and she got it! She loves it and now she and Rachel can race each other (Rachel has a pink Jeep). Here is the princess in her pink car.

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