Sunday, November 16, 2008

We've Been Shot!

This past Thursday the girls and I all went to our regular doctors office to receive our annual flu shots. I was kind of hoping that this year we could get the flu mist, but no such luck for us. With Rachel's asthma and Rebekah's two wheezing episodes, their pediatrician did not recommend for them to take the mist. I didn't think it would be quite fair for me to get the mist and them to get shot, so it was shots for all of us!

I went first to show how easy it is and how it doesn't hurt (that much!). Plus, going first keeps my mind off of it. I don't have a good history with shots...I tend to pass out! Wouldn't that be a great picture for my girls? Get shot then fall over unconscious! Anyway, by going first I don't have time to think about it, my mind is completely focused on them.

Rebekah went next. Last year, she didn't cry at all, not before her shot and not after the shot. I don't think she would have cried this year if Rachel wasn't already totally losing it. But none the less, Rebekah sat on my lap, didn't fight it and cried big tears when it was all over.

Next was Rachel. Rachel, the drama queen. She said she was going to be brave and take the shot and not cry at all., that didn't happen! She was trying to get her words in while screaming, "I'm not ready! I have to tell you something! I have to tell you something!!!!" I had already told her that I could guarantee that her shot would hurt REALLY bad if she fought it. But there was no reasoning with her now. I had to hold her on my lap, my mom held her arms, Nana held her legs and the nurse gave the shot. Rachel screamed. She said it was, "the worse thing ever!" Like I said, drama! She's better now.

Rebekah funny...when we were getting into the van, leaving the doctor, she kept saying something hurt. I said, "Does your boo boo hurt?" She said, "No, my hole hurts." Later that afternoon she said, "Mommy, my hole burns." Then she called her Daddy at work and told him, "Daddy, I got a hole in my leg." And now, she just brought me her baby doll and said, "She's crying. Her hole burns. She needs a bandage!" And when Daddy came home, he was talking to her about her "hole" and she said, "Stop! You're making me mean!"

The girls were rewarded with a trip to Build-a-Bear to pick out a new outfit or something for their bear/bunnies. Rachel picked out some High School Musical jammies and shirt. Rebekah picked out a sleeping bag with pillow and a pink gown. We ate lunch at Chick-fil-a and then went to TCBY for some yummy ice cream!

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Unknown said...

This is so funny...Rachel questioned me pretty hard about my shot. When I asked her about it today she said..."it wasn't too bad." I just had to laugh!