Saturday, November 15, 2008

New House Tour Part 13

Last, but not least, the back of the house and backyard. We chose our lot because of its size. We love how much yard we have, especially the backyard. So, for our last tour...let's go out back!

Here is a shot from the steps of our deck. You can see the door leading into the house there on the right. The window straight ahead is in the family room.

Standing on one end of the deck looking across. You can see our new bargain deck furniture we got in the seasons end clearance sale at Home Depot! The two windows there just past the deck are the two windows in the master bedroom.

No, standing on the opposite corner, looking across. The two windows there on that corner are in the breakfast area. The brick wall straight ahead is the end of Nana's bathroom.

And here you have a shot of the entire back of the house. You can see the whole deck now. It makes a nice garage for the girl's jeep! You can kind of see just how large our backyard is in this picture. I have a few more to come in this post.

Another view of the back of the house. Here you can see the two windows in Nana's bedroom.

Here is the larger side of the backyard. This side comes up on the master bedroom side of the house. That little window there on the side of the house, that is the window in the master bathroom. We will be getting a new trampoline this spring and it will probably go in this part of the backyard.

This is the smaller part of the backyard. This is on the other three bedroom side of the house. The double gate is there, close to the extra parking pad. The two windows on this side are the ones in Rebekah's bedroom. I think next spring Nana and the girls may plant a garden over here.

Now, to see just how vast the backyard is. I am standing in the corner on the garage side of the house, looking straight down to the other end of the backyard. See how big it is? So wonderful! It's level and not full of trees and tree stumps like our old backyard!

How could I leave the backyard without showing off our playset one more time. I have posted about it before, but here it is again! The girls love it and I'm happy we were able to get this for them.

Well, there you have it! Almost the entire house! The only room that wasn't featured on the tour was the playroom, AKA the "leak room!" As soon as everything gets fixed/repaired, I promise I will post pictures. Sometime we hope to even get formal dining room furniture too! So, you'll just have to keep coming back! Thanks for being a part of the tour, I have enjoyed playing tour guide!


Karen said...

Standing ovation! Loved the tour!

Now, to get you down here to help me decorate my new house....hmmmmmm

Michelle said...

What a great house! I can't wait to come and visit to see it all in person! Thanks for the tour!