Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Fun Meme

Got this from my friend, Sarah. These are fun to do and again, make great blog fodder. Hope you enjoy getting to know me even more! Feel free to use it too!

Hi my name is
: Jennifer Shelaine Jones.

Never in my life have I been to: Alaska.

The one person who can drive me nuts is: no one particular that I can think of right now...

When I'm nervous I: get really quiet, bite my nails.

The last song I listened to was: one of the girl's choir songs from church.

My hair is: brown, way too short and has a few silver lines in it!

When I was 5: I was in kindergarten and reading books.

Last Christmas: was our last Christmas in our first home.

I should be: working...

When I look right: I see my computer printer, the breakfast area and on out onto our deck.

I'm looking forward to: Seeing Twilight this coming Thursday night!!!

If I were a character on Grey's Anatomy: Who knows, I don't watch the show!

By this time next year: I'll be a year older!!!

My current annoyance is: All the things in our nice new house that haven't been fixed yet. I want to decorate for Christmas and I just can't see past these things!

I have a hard time understanding: how people can think abortion is okay.

There's this girl I know who: is a long lost best friend who I hadn't talked to in three years and we just reconnected through Facebook! Love ya Ruth!!

If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be: My family and you guys, my bloggy friends!

I want to buy: a Roomba.

If you visited the place I'm from: you would find there are a lot of beautiful places in Arkansas...most people who aren't from here don't know that!

I'd rather hold a cockroach than: a snake.

The most recent thing I've bought myself was: a ticket to see Twilight.

Most recent thing someone else bought me was: a game for my husband's iPhone!

In the mornings: I'm tired and a little grumpy...I don't do mornings!

Last night: we went to see the African Children's Choir perform at our church.

If I were an animal I would be: a mother bear...get to eat all I want and sleep all winter!

Tomorrow I am: not sure what I will be doing...take Rachel to school, maybe a little work, play some with Rebekah, normal daily stuff.

Tonight I am: going to watch Dancing With The Stars and some other shows on my TiVo.

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