Sunday, November 2, 2008

New House Tour Part 1

Welcome to our new home! Thanks for coming and taking the tour. I'm going to break it up into several posts, just to keep the length of the posts smaller. Plus, I can talk more about each room!

So, today we'll visit the entryway and dining room. Here is a view looking back at our front entryway. The door that took FOREVER to get here is absolutely gorgeous. I love it. Like the decor on the floor?? Yeah, it's all "Leak Related." We put the paper down to protect the wood floors from all the workers coming and going. I bought a nice large rug that goes there, but it's put away for now. You can see to the right one of the archways that lead into the dining room.

The doorway on the right leads into what should be the playroom. This is the room with the leak and I'll wait until after all is repaired to show you that room. The curio contains wedding bouquet, our unity candles, the cake topper, a Bible, my shoes, and a few other things.

And now we are in the dining room. The window looks out into the front yard and you can see part of the front door. I really love the's called Stolen Kiss from Sherwin Williams. The room will look even better once we have some dining room furniture in it...and it's not a playroom anymore! :-)

And here, standing in front of the window, looking across the dining room and into the family room. There is another arched doorway here too.

Here you can see the corner that connects the two arched doorways. Right now it is home to one of the chairs from our breakfast table. Ignore the ugly fan. You can see the entryway again to the right and the family room on the left.

Standing in the corner, close to the front door, you can see part of the large wall and into the kitchen. I love how open everything is!

And standing where the breakfast table chair is, you can see back out the front window and the curio cabinet I inherited from my grandparents. You can see part of the trey ceiling too. In the dining room, the ceiling height is the tallest in the house.

And last, here is a view of the dining room from across the family room. Kathy is glad to have the couch out of storage. You can see her well worn spot up on top! My sister, Cynthia, found the clock and we both picked out the crosses while she was here. I love it!

We'll continue the tour tomorrow, so please come back!


Karen said...

I LOVE it. And I love that you have wedding stuff in a curio cabinet like that! Sadly, anything I have from my wedding is probably crushed in boxes right now. :(

Natalie said...

I love your door. I'm in love with your home. I've been showing Matt your pictures telling him this is what I would love some day in the future.