Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane Ike???

Although Ike did make his way through, sparring a few tornadoes nearby, the above damage was not from Ike. I like to call it Hurricane Bruce. In preparation for Ike, Bruce (our builder), came over to try to see if we could locate the source of the leak in hopes to fix it before the rains came. In the process, he tore apart some of the EIFS around the window.

Thankfully, we did not receive as much rain as they were predicting. The water coming in was minimal. But now we have larger holes and missing EIFS. Tomorrow Bruce is supposed to bring the window manufacturer and the window installer over to see it. We think the window itself is what is leaking. So, we'll wait and see what they have to say. We should be having a great week weather wise. Highs of around 78-79 and no rain! Hopefully this week we can get it fixed and start the repair work.

My sister is coming next Sunday. She hasn't seen the house yet. I was so excited to show it off to her, I hate having her come and see it like this. Also, she is coming to help me decorate. It won't be the same since everything in two rooms is not where it is supposed to be. Oh well...guess that means she will have to come back!!

After she comes, I'll start taking some pictures and start giving you all the Grand Tour! Until are a few more inside photos of the window. Ain't it pretty?

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Anonymous said...

oh goodness. I'm sorry. the same thing happened to us right after we moved in. I don't remember which hurricane it was... but it was in 2004, I think... anyway. It poured in. They caulked afterwards and we thought that fixed it, but we didn't experience rain like that again until Gustov. It didn't fix it. David caulked some more after Gustov, but who knows. Ike wasn't as bad, so I guess it will take another hurricane for us to find out if it is fixed. David talked about it on the radio and several people called in telling him what to do. Apparently it is a problem with brick houses. I guess it is tougher to seal brick around windows than siding.