Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hurricane Gustav Damage

An actual picture of some of the rains we received from Hurricane Gustav after it made camp over Arkansas for two straight days. We received lots of wind and tons of rain. As if the rains OUTSIDE weren't enough, Gustav decided to invite himself INSIDE.

Yes, our beautiful, brand new house has sprung a leak. Water was coming in around the play room window. We had two main places that the water was coming in through. After getting the blinds off the window, we placed some trash cans on the windowsill and waited for the rains to stop.

Our builder thinks the water may be coming in around the EIFS that is around the window. He put some caulk around the EIFS and today we tested to see if it worked. It did not. Water is still finding its way inside. We need to find out where the breach is and get it fixed soon...Hurricane Ike is predicted to make his way through here this coming weekend!

The entire wall around the window will probably have to be replaced. We found many areas in the sheet rock where there was water behind it. The windowsill has cracked down the middle and started to tear itself away from the wall. The base board has also come away from the wall in one section. And we found two pieces of our wood floor that got wet from underneath and the wood is damaged. I am not looking forward to the repair, it's going to be a mess. But just as long as it gets fixed (SOON!).


Natalie said...

That really stinks. I hope they aren't charging you for the damages, and that they get it fixed soon. See you Friday.

Jennifer said...

That's the one good thing about having the leak now...we're still covered by our one year builder's warranty. We won't have to pay for anything. We just have to be inconvenienced while we deal with the leak and the mess of the repair.

Karen said...

Ugh. I have a sick feeling in my gut. Partly because this is happening to you. And partly because I'm heading down to prime hurricane territory. (sigh)

Hutchinson Family said...

Sis, you really are a great blogger. I love reading your posts-they always make laugh! Maybe you should have been a writer...
Good luck with the 'remodel' on your brand new home. I hope the frustrations are few and the work gets done quickly (but done CORRECTLY!) I'm counting down the days until I come see you... 8 more days! Love you!