Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Moving "To Do" List

OK, I'm making another TO DO list. Again, more for me, but if it's here, I'm accountable to you and I save a tree. :-) I have arranged for the movers to be here to move us on July 30th. So, I have 14 days to get everything done and ready to move again! Wish me luck...

1. Call storage building office. Get unit for table and chairs.
2. Call new phone company, order new service plus internet.
3. Call current phone company, cancel service effective 8/7.
4. Call electric company, cancel service effective 8/7.
5. Call gas company, cancel service effective 8/7.
6. Call bank, order checks with new address.
7. Call fence companies, get estimates. (Sexton)
8. Call alarm company, set up for installation. (7/31)
9. Call sound system, set up for installation. (7/31 at 9am)
10. Pick up Rebekah's head board from furniture store.
11. Look for night stand for Rebekah's room. (get after move)
12. Call DirecTV about moving satellite service. 8/5 12-4pm
13. Get boxes out of storage building.
14. Clean/organize toys in girls bedroom.
15. Pack up girls bedroom.
16. Pack up kitchen.
17. Pack up living room and office area.
18. Get estimate for closing costs.
19. Deliver Rachel's school enrollment forms.
20. Secure childcare for moving day (8/4).
21. Pick out stain for front door.(SW's Aged Oak Gel Stain)
22. Pick out stain for deck.(SW's Covered Bridge Semi-Trans.)
23. Get 8 new can light CFL's and take to house.
24. Make master list of things to get done at new house.
25. Pick up Rachel's pictures at Walmart SC.
26. Get name/number of developer for Shadow Creek.
27. Call Overbrook, see if apt. has been rented. Ours til 8/7
28. Get with realtor.
29. Meet with EIFS men about EIFS touch ups.
30. Call developers about street signs.
31. Reschedule home theater set up for 8/5.
32. Reschedule alarm system set up for 8/5.
33. Reschedule movers for 8/4.
34. Reschedule appliance delivery. Set for 7/31
35. Lowe's (light bulbs, box for Jon Paul)
36. Complete change of address forms.
37. Call storage building about move out date.
38. Call new phone company about 7/30.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you're getting things marked off - YEA!!

Jonesboro Realtor said...

cracking up. I know your a to do list fanatic...but really! LOL