Thursday, May 29, 2008

Something Good Inside!

We went to the house tonight in hopes to meet an installer
who was to measure all the windows for a blinds estimate.
They didn't show, but that's another story!
Anyway, the painters have been busy.
The kitchen cabinets are completely done and look
absolutely gorgeous. Here they are, under all that plastic:

Like the blue island in the middle?
Ha ha ha... It's the primer for the black paint!

They also had the trim either done or at least primed.
The fireplace looks even better now!

And here's a shot of the cubbie's. They look really nice now.

Tomorrow they are supposed to
start putting paint on the walls.
Oh, and they have painted all the ceilings.
I'm so excited to see all the color coming into our home.
I'll post some more photos this weekend after we go back.