Tuesday, June 3, 2008

House of Color

Well, the painters are almost done.
We went to the house today because they have laid
out the driveway and will pour the concrete tomorrow!
Our builder wanted us to see it
and make sure it is how we want it.
It looked great!
We're also glad we went because we got to see all the paint
(and found a few mistakes!)
and the beautiful cabinets. So, here you go.
Enjoy the photos!

Here is a shot of the driveway and sidewalk.
We're going to have enough space on
the side of the house to park two cars.

And here are the cubbies.
They look so great.
I just have to find some really cool hooks
to put in there for coats, backpacks, etc.

And here are the kitchen cabinets.
Aren't they gorgeous?!!?!?
Even though they are a bit dusty, I LOVE THEM!

And here is a shot of the fireplace and mantle.
I love how the paint color turned out on the walls. Perfect!

Now take a look at this dining room.
I love how the red turned out.
They haven't painted the red inside the trey,
but they aren't totally done yet.

Rachel loves her pink and purple room.
Again, the colors turned out great.

Rebekah's room is cute.
The green didn't turn out quite like I wanted.
This green has a lot of yellow in it and when the sun
shines through the windows, it looks mostly yellow.
I'm hoping once we move in, have blinds on the
windows and her quilt on her bed, it will look much better.
We'll see. Rebekah even says it is pink and yellow!

Betty's room looks nice, but the color of the paint
wasn't quite what it was supposed to be.
It had too much gold in it. She likes it, so it's staying.

Here is a shot of the black cabinets in our master bathroom.
I love how they turned out.
I can't wait to see it with the mirrors, counter tops, etc.
The master bedroom and master bathroom
was where we found the mistake.
They painted our bedroom the wrong color.
Not only was it the wrong color,
it was the paint that had too much gold in it.
It was supposed to be the same color as the family room.
So, we are having our bedroom and bathroom
repainted to match the family room.
I guess it's not that bad to make one mistake
when we had NINE paint colors to start with!

And here is the green again.
This time it is in the laundry room.
I like the color a little better in here, you don't have
any sunlight in here so it looks more green than yellow.

So there you go.
Lots of color and looking better and better.
It's making us really anxious to get
out of the apartment and into the house!
Our builder said we are right on schedule
with a target closing date of July 14th.
Let's pray we stay on schedule!

By the way, we love our builder.
We like to call him "Builder Bruce" and have
really enjoyed getting to know him and his wife.
They have been a joy to work with and
very helpful with our many questions.
I have to say, this whole process has been great.
Definitely not the horror stories
you hear about building a house.
So, if anyone is in the area and thinking about building,
let me know and I'll give you Builder Bruce's information.
Thanks Bruce and Kary!!!


Faith said...

Wow, it is all so gorgeous!

The Wood Family said...

you're kitchen is super nice! I can tell from your writing how excited you are about your new house, that's awesome! I really like all the colors too.

Karen said...

What? Not "Bruce the Builder?" tee hee!

Your house is Gorgeous with a capital G!!!

Did you look at ikea (www.ikea.com) for hooks for the cubbies?

Anonymous said...

We thought the same thing when we built our house (not the horror story people told us about). We loved it and hope to do it again.
The colors look great.
Based on what our house looked like a couple weeks before we moved in, I'd say you should definitely be in by July 14 :) I think ours looked like that less than 2 weeks from moving in.