Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

One of my goals for 2008...create a blog to keep family and friends updated on The House of Jones. Well, here we go!

The House of Jones will soon be moving from our first home to a brand new home we will be building. We should be breaking ground on our new home very soon. A survey has been ordered and once it has been completed, the building will begin. And that means, the first of a million decisions will have to be made! Another reason for this blog is to keep a record of all our decisions and share the process of our house.

To update everyone, here is a recap of 2007...

Rachel turned five last July and started Kindergarten this fall. She loves her new big girl school and her wonderful teacher. She was tested in reading and scored high enough that she gets to attend first grade for reading. This keeps her challenged. She still loves everything princess, playing on her computer and the Wii, tormenting her little sister and helping Mommy.

Rebekah turned two last March and has been a joy to watch grow up. Recently she has found her voice and discovered the question, WHY? Rebekah loves horses, penguins and cats, especially our cat, Kathy. She adores her big sister and wants to do anything she is doing. She loves to watch Caillou, Little Einsteins, and Annie.

Jon Paul continues to work as a computer programmer. He has also started a consulting business with two friends called Kreative Logic, Inc. Jon Paul still enjoys working/playing on the computer, playing with the RC car he had as a child, and playing on the Wii. He received Guitar Hero III for Christmas and is addicted to it!

I am still staying at home with the girls. I still sell Creative Memories and scrapbook with friends and family every chance I get. In June, I started to work as a Virtual Assistant for my best friend, Ann and her husband, Eric. They are real estate agents in Northeast Arkansas. I help them with their website, marketing, and anything else they need that can be done remotely. It has been a lot of fun for me to learn something new!

Our house grew by one this fall. Betty, Jon Paul’s mom, is now living with us. When her lease ran out, she moved in with us. She has her own little corner of our living room. Once the new house is built, she will have her own room and bathroom. It has been great having her here and she is so happy to be out of the apartment.

Well, that's all for now. I hope you come back and visit often. Comment and subscribe if you want. I would love to hear from you. Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Saw your blog..it's cool

Christie Ison said...

Hey Girl...I miss our old "baby school" friends, as Morgan calls it! Glad you're joining the ranks of bloggers. We just started (I think you got the email) and it's loads of fun. Not sure if anyone actually reads it, but it's fun! ;)


debbiearnn said...

Happy New Year to you, too!!!
It's good to see you in the blogosphere!!!

Faith said...

Welcome to blogging!

Anonymous said...

Yey! Hopefully I'll remember to read it. I'm able to "subscribe" to xanga blogs... it's forget-proof :)
We loved building a house... everyone said it was hard on a marriage, but we had VERY few issues. Probably due to some great advice we got from Fay Boozman... he told David to give me the inside and told me to give David the outside. So that's what we did... and 99% of the time, we found something we both loved... but in those 1% cases, if it was an inside decision, it was mine and if outside... it was his :)
Worked for us!
Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. I love looking at houseplans... did you pick one that is viewable on-line or did you do your own? I did my own after looking at thousands (or so it seemed).

Anonymous said...

... just in case I forget to come back tomorrow...
Happy early birthday :)