Monday, January 28, 2008

202 Morningside...

202 Morningside is going to be our new street address. I really like it. It's nice and refreshing. I definitely like it better than my current address. They didn't tell us, but I'm assuming there might be a Cove or Circle at the end since it is a cul-de-sac. Guess we'll wait and see! The above picture is a photo of our lot, it stretches all to the left of the street light.

The survey is complete and hopefully we'll be breaking ground very soon. Thought I would share a few photos to show you where it all will begin.

This is the artist's sketch of what our house will look like. We are actually mirroring this image, so imagine it with the entryway more to the right, instead of the left like in the photo. There is a side entry garage that you can't see in the sketch.
It's an open, split floor plan with almost 2,700 square feet. We will have four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, formal dining room, eat-in kitchen, playroom and a great sized family room. And the enormous! The girls will love it!

One of our first decisions we had to make was the brick. We drove around one weekend and found something we all love. It's from Acme Brick and called Mossy Rock. Here are some photos of the brick:

This is a photo of the house we found with the brick on it we like.

And here is a closer shot of the brick on the house.

So, one decision down. 99,999,999 to go! Wish us luck.

Until next time...

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Karen said...

Next decision is which bedroom will be mine?? ;)
Beautiful house. Beautiful brick. Beautiful lot. Beautiful street name! Beautiful place to raise a family.