Friday, February 1, 2008

100th Day of School...

Today was Rachel's 100th day of school.
She was so excited to to have her 100 day party.

Her teacher sent home an assignment for each child
to make a shirt with 100 items on it.

In true Rachel form,
she chose to have 100 jewels on her shirt.

So, I went to Michael's and found an inexpensive be-dazzler.

It worked like a charm,
well it wasn't the best of tools,
but it did its job.

Rachel loved her shirt and could not wait to wear it today.
She also had ribbons in her pony tails,
each ribbon has 50 flowers on it.
The shirt was a little big, but it looked great.
I think you all will agree!

Rebekah had to get in on some of the excitement.
She loves her big sissy!

Oh, you can tell in some of these photos,
Rachel lost her third tooth last Saturday!

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