Monday, November 23, 2009

New Moon Anyone?

So, I went and saw New Moon at midnight on opening day. Part of our group met at Mimi's Cafe for dinner. We had a great time visiting, despite our bad waiter. Guess this should have been a sign to us as to how the night is going to happen. He just didn't care about us at all, even though he walked by our table at least 100 times that night. We asked multiple times for refills, never got them until we asked a different waiter. At least the food was good!!

We got to the theater around 9:15pm and found out we had to wait in a line that started right outside our theater door. There weren't too many in line, maybe about 20 when we got there. After being there for almost an hour, we were told that they were showing Twilight in the theater that we were waiting to go inside to watch New Moon. We were a little upset that after purchasing out tickets two months ago and arriving almost three hours before the start time, that we would not get good seats. It just didn't seem fair. But sometimes life isn't fair, is it?!? Well, as we suspected, there weren't any good seats left and definitely there wasn't anywhere in the theater that we could all sit together. I think we split into three or four groups all over the theater. I was on the end of an aisle. Finally, it was time and the movie started. In the middle of the previews, it stopped. Something had broke. They claimed it was just a fuse, but I can't see it taking 30 minutes to change a fuse. Oh well, they did finally fix it and restarted the movie.

And the movie didn't disappoint! It was SO good. It was much better than Twilight. You can tell the directing was MUCH better. They stayed true to the book. It was really good and I hated to see it end. Oh, and the ending? Very, very good. Frustrating, but exciting - especially since we only have to wait until June 30, 2010, to see Eclipse!!

After the movie, we headed over the IHOP to discuss the movie and eat an early breakfast. Again, we had a waitress that wasn't so good. In her defense, the place got slammed - we weren't the only New Moonites that had that idea. But, the service was extremely slow. It took almost an hour just to get our food. By that time we all were just about asleep at the table. So, once our food came, we ate and headed for home. I got home around 5:15am - just in time for Jon Paul to get up and get ready for work. We talked until he left and I slept for 15 minutes before it was time to get the girls up and ready for school!

Very fun night, but I am glad it only happens once or twice a year!! Lots of fun and great memories!!

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