Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gross Food

For Halloween, Jon Paul's office had a scary/gross food contest. Jon Paul was really excited about it and we prepared for a week what we were going to do. Jon Paul had something scary he wanted to do. I had something gross I wanted to do. We decided to do both! here is the turnout:

I made a disgusting kitty litter cake. The girls thought it was so hilarious. It really did turn out gross. Most of it was eaten, Jon Paul came home with a little bit - just enough for the girls to have some. Of course, they thought it was so funny to be eating "poop!"

And here is Jon Paul's scary food. Yeah, he got really creative. Snakes, eyeballs, maggots, severed fingers, etc. Definitely a winner!

Well, Jon Paul ended up being the only one that went all out and brought something truly scary or disgusting. He won the prizes!

Jon Paul thought this was so funny - a skeleton head in the refrigerator. I posted this on Facebook and my witty brother-in-law asked, "What did Jon Paul do to deserve that?" Ha ha, great comment!!

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