Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Guess What We Got?!?

We got a Roomba!! We actually got it back in December. We love it! It does really well in getting the hardwood and tile cleaned up. It also cleans the carpet good too. Jon Paul has been in charge of his new "son" and has enjoyed playing with him and programming him. The girls wanted to name him, but couldn't agree on a name. We came up with Mike or Mike-E. Mike after Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs and it is also round like Mike on Monsters, Inc. The other name was WALL-E, after the movie and since he picked up trash. He gets called WALL-E most of the time.

Well, WALL-E cleans the wood floor all on his own every Monday and Wednesday. He starts up, cleans and goes home - all with no help from anyone. Smart kid! He never complains either. I'm really liking him! He usually cleans the tile on the weekends and maybe one or more bedrooms that have carpet.

Welcome to the family WALL-E Mike!

Had to share this video with you. We came across it this past week and thought it was so funny. In it is actually a Scooba which uses water to "mop and scrub" the floor. There are a lot of funny videos on YouTube - just do a search for pets and roomba!


becca said...

oh my goodness! all those kittens and a great big dog too!

Janie said...

Some of our friends have one of these. I've thought about getting one since we have a large hardwood floor area. I've seen that kitten video recently-cute!

Rachel said...

I have been wanting to get one of these! Are you still liking it?

Jennifer said...

We LOVE it!! My husband has it programmed to run twice a week for our family room and kitchen area. It runs for about an hour and then goes back to its home. Amazing little thing. Then, on the weekends, we run it in the bedrooms and bathrooms. I recommend it to anyone with hardwoods and/or tile.