Thursday, November 13, 2008

New House Tour Part 11

Welcome back! It's been nice seeing you everyday. Today we're going down a short hallway that leads to/from the garage. This hallway is home to another favorite of mine...the cubbies!! They are so nice. Also off this hallway is my laundry room. So, let's jump in and get started.

Here's a view looking down the short hallway. You can't see them in the photo, but there on the right side, just past the picture is where the cubbies are. And the doorway there on the right leads to the laundry room. Straight ahead, that door takes you to the garage. You can see where our refrigerator magnets ended up...on the garage door. I kind of like them there. It also makes for a nice little play area.

And here are the cubbies. My sister, Cynthia, and I found the hooks at Hobby Lobby. They have worked great. Rachel has the cubbie on the left and Rebekah's is on the right. They hang their backpacks on the outside hook and their coats on the back hook. We keep all of our church stuff there on the top shelf, which includes all their Awana's stuff. The basket is a catch all. At the time of this photo it had their Halloween stuff in it. The pictures that are sitting in Rachel's cubbie are ones to be hung up in the playroom...once it gets returned back to normal.

And now, take a look at my green laundry room! I painted it the same green that was in Rebekah's room. It looks more green in here since there aren't any windows in here. We recently purchased the second, small refrigerator. I'm so happy to have it! It gives me more freezer space that I've been wanting and a dedicated space to keep all of our special drinks. Now I will have more room in our nice refrigerator for food and leftovers!! But see those things on the right? Let's take another look...

Yep, here they are again. THESE ARE MY FAVORITE THINGS! Worth every single penny. Wish I had owned them forever!! So thankful that I have them now!!!

Just in case you want another look, here ya go. And you won't believe how quiet they are! I have to really look to see if they are running!! Any they sing to you when they are done. Talk about making laundry enjoyable!

Standing beside the refrigerator, you can the door to the laundry room. See that white cabinet by the door? That is Jon Paul's wiring/networking/don't know what else box. He had this installed by special request and has worked well. Don't ask me what it is all's his baby.

And we've made it full circle. You can see out the door and the garage door again. I must say, I really love my laundry room. I intentionally wanted to make it pleasant and enjoyable. I feel I have achieved my goal!

We're almost done! I think we'll be done with the tour in two days. So, tomorrow and the next day and we'll be done! Thanks again for touring. See you tomorrow!

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Karen said...

That network box? Yeah, we'll have one of those too. And we had to upgrade to the largest box available. That tells you something about how much wire is going to be strung through our house. Between speaker wire, ethernet, cable, and whatever else, we will be able to launch a shuttle from our living room!