Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Furniture!

We decided we needed a larger table in our breakfast area. There are five of us and the little four person table was getting a bit too tight. We do have a formal dining room, but we haven't purchased a table and china hutch yet. We're not in any hurry, I want to find exactly what I want for the dining room.

So, we decided to go out and see what kind of deal we could find over the Labor Day weekend. We found something that we all fell in love with. It fits perfectly and matches everything great! We broke it in last night when my parents came over for dinner. We grilled steaks and had mashed potatoes, baked beans and corn on the cob.
Here is a photo of it in our breakfast area!

And another great find...only these were purchased a few weeks ago. Betty and I were in Hobby Lobby. We happened across these bar stools in the clearance section. These bar stools were originally priced at $199 each. We got them for $39.98 each!! Both of us were really excited, even more so when we got them home and saw that they matched the cabinets PERFECTLY!!

Most all of the boxes are unpacked! There are only about eight left in the garage.
Three are waiting on my sister, Cynthia, to get here. They are full of my decorating stuff and she is my personal decorator. I've been waiting to take photos of us all moved in...waiting on HER! :-) She is going to come to make it look pretty and help me hang pictures, etc. Once we get all that done, I promise all of you, I will post a grand tour of the house. Hopefully she will be here in about two weeks...

The other five boxes are full of Jon Paul's stuff. Since I unpacked the 100+ other ones in there, I figured he could unpack his five! Now the garage looks spacious and is waiting on us to get some organizational items. Oh, it was spacious enough that Jon Paul went and bought him a bike.

Gave all of our moving boxes away after having them posted on Craigslist for less than a day! Also sold some TV trays. Still have about seven other items for sale. Still loving the site!


Natalie said...

I love the furniture! I can't wait for the grand tour.

debbiearnn said...

I am shocked that you got all your boxes unpacked...and that you only needed to sell 6 or 7 things on craigslist.

We've lived here for 15 months. Just this weekend, we got our garage organized enough to fit ONE car into. And I have a HUGE pile of stuff for a yard sale.

What did you do???

Jennifer said...

What did I do?

First, before listing the house, I decluttered and sold/gave away A LOT!

Second, before moving into the apartment, I got rid of even more. Most given away to friends, family and charities.

Third, before moving into the house, I gave away even more.

But even after all that, we still had a garage FULL of boxes! But I was determined for them not to be in there forever. Two days after we moved in, I spent the day in the garage, organizing all the boxes. Some went in the attic and the rest went to the perimeters. I was determined to get two cars in there. And I did! And then, for the next two weeks we started going through the boxes and as of Monday, we only have eight left!

We can now walk around both cars, get into the garage closet, park bikes and see all the walls.

The one thing I did not do, was hold on to stuff for a garage sale. We don't have a lot of traffic around here and I didn't know when we would have one. So, if I didn't want it and I couldn't sell it at Duck Duck went to charity.

Boxes drive me crazy. I can't stand for them to be around long. I guess that's my main motivation.

Hutchinson Family said...

Patience is a virtue....

I'm sorry that it is taking me so long to get to Cabot. I can't wait to get there and help you decorate. I have had a blast shopping for things- and have come across several great bargains! I haven't spent more than $40 on any one item. It looks like I will be coming down on Sunday, September 21st and will stay until Tuesday afternoon. So get ready for some power shopping and major decorating. I hope you will like the things that I have found...
Love ya sis!