Sunday, July 27, 2008

New House Pictures

In hopes to make this post a little more positive than the last, here are some recent photos of what has gotten done at the house. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

it looks great!

Karen said...

It's breathtakingly beautiful! And from this distance, I can't see any flaws. :)

debbiearnn said...

I LOVE the front door! Glad that's finally in.

Hoping that you're feeling better now.

As far as the imperfections go, you have to realize that imperfect people are building your house.

Yeah. You should expect them to do it like you asked, but are those details really important to you?

I mean, you just got finished making more decisions than you've probably ever thought of making for a house, but if it had already been there done for you, would you care that much about it?

Not trying to argue or tell you that you shouldn't be upset, but just trying to give you some perspective...

I couldn't even MAKE all those decisions for a house. So I really can't imagine making sure everybody follows through with each decision that you painstakingly made.

hang in there. if you're only a week off, it's not so bad...