Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another New House Update

We have a garage door!!! Isn't it lovely???

And here is a view of our house from the end of our cul-de-sac. You can see the garage door here too. Oh, and you can kind of see some of our landscaping that was done last week.

Our front in Memphis. It is supposed to leave Memphis tomorrow and be in Cabot on Tuesday. So, it might be installed either Tuesday or Wednesday. Starting on Wednesday, there should be a flurry of activity around the house.

The following should be done by the end of the week: hardwood floors, tile back splash in the kitchen, tiled shower and bath tub in the master bathroom, deck built out back, yard sodded, rest of electrical done, house cleaned and an estimate for our wood privacy fence. Pray all goes smoothly and gets done as planned.

The following week I have scheduled our blinds to be installed (7/22) and our new appliances to be delivered (7/24). Yes, I said appliances. I GOT MY NEW FRONT LOADING WASHING MACHINE AND DRYER!!! I am so happy and cannot wait to use them. This is my new washer. And this is my new dryer. I also got the 15" pedestals to raise them up. I think they will look great in my green laundry room.

As of now, we are tentatively set to close on the house on 7/29. We will hire movers to help us move on 7/30 and will be out of the apartment by 7/31. We're cutting it close! I just like the idea that we only have about 16 days left in this apartment!

And last, some Rachel news. I'm mainly putting this here so I have it written down somewhere. And her baby book where I would normally write it, is in storage. Her news...three out of four of her six year old molars have broken through her gums!

Oh, and I'm over half the way through listening to book #3 in the Twilight series. I'm still up WAY too late at night listening to it. Now, I just have to be patient and wait for book #4 to come out. It will be nice to read it in our new house!!!


Karen said...

OH MY GOSH. Did I send you a picture of my dream house? It has that SAME garage door!
I feel like you are a kindred spirit.
If I haven't emailed it to you, let me know and I will!

debbiearnn said...

it's looking good! so excited for you!!!
hey I was just wondering...what part of the house is right there with a window facing the driveway? is that your MIL's space? Does she have her own entrance?

Jennifer said...

That window by the driveway is actually Rachel's bedroom window. Betty's bedroom is on the back side of the house. She has her own bathroom, accessed inside her bedroom, but she doesn't have her own entrance. We thought about it, but decided that we didn't want to add that extra expense.