Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer Quest/High School Musical

Thank you Summer Quest. Thank you for giving my daughter, Rachel, a wonderful outlet for her creativity. Thank you for teaching her all about Egypt and Broadway. And lastly, thank you for introducing her to High School Musical. Yes, I thought my little girl could go a few more years before joining that bandwagon. I thought she could enjoy a few more years of princesses. But no, she is now obsessed with the movie. She wants EVERYTHING High School Musical. And for that, I say THANKS A LOT!!! So, enjoy a few photos of her last day at Summer Quest. The first is from her Egypt class. She made a canopic jar, Egyptian paper, a necklace and a sarcophagus. Here is a shot of Rachel and her sarcophagus. Hers was the smallest in the class!

And here is our drama queen in action. Her Broadway class performed a short scene from High School Musical, which included the song, We're All In This Together. Here is a photo of our star:


Karen said...

awesome program! she looks like she's having the time of her life.

Anonymous said...

this house has been fans of high school musical since before I knew everyone was :)
We watched it when it first came on... I had no idea it would become so huge, but I remember thinking "wow, this is surprisingly good"
Then came High School Musical 2... even my kids recognized that it wasn't so good.