Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New House/Family Update...

Well, we have a driveway, a sidewalk, and a mailbox! Lots going on... Already looks like home with those yard ornaments on the driveway!! The girls LOVED the driveway and I know it will be used a lot. I'm just glad to finally have a flat, smooth driveway. At our old house, it was bumpy and made of rocks and they couldn't hardly ride anything on it.

Yesterday the ceramic tile was supposed to be laid. Today they were supposed to grout. Tomorrow the counter tops are supposed to be installed and Thursday or Friday the plummer is coming to finish his stuff! So, this weekend, we should have a lot more to take pictures of and show you.

On the home front...both of the girls are out of school. Rachel has started her Summer Quest and she loves it. My friend, Sharon, is keeping the girls on Tuesdays and Thursdays for me so I can work. And on most Wednesdays, they are going to their Granna's house.

We have scheduled Rachel's birthday party for 6/27. She has chosen to have it at the Build-A-Bear store. I thought I might have another year or two before we go there, but she has begged to go this year. We explained to her that she wouldn't be able to have near as many friends come because of the cost. She said that was OK. She was able to choose five friends she wanted to invite and then she has six family members (sister and cousins) that will be there. So, eleven kids at Build-A-Bear! Fun!!! I also have a friend who is making her cake for me. It's going to have a picture of her with her Build-A-Bear on it. She is going to be surprised! We still have to come up with something to get her. We're thinking she might get a new bike. We'll see! I can't believe she is almost six years old.

Guess that's it for now...have a great week!

Edited at 8:45pm: I wrote this on Monday night, set to post today (Tuesday). Found out this afternoon that the tile was NOT laid. It will be laid in the morning and grouted on Thursday. Counter tops are now scheduled now for Friday!

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