Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Most of the brick is done! There is a little bit left to do around the front door, it will be completed after the door comes in and is installed.

Here are all the decisions that my sisters and I made!!

Carpet: Wonderland Tea Party

Hardwood Floors: Windsor Natural Walnut, 5" planks

Bathroom Counter Tops: Marble Creations' Venitian Sand

Kitchen Counter Tops: LG Hi-Macs Aztec Quartz

Floor Tile: 18" Tambo laid offset, in a brick pattern

Backsplash Tile: Daltile Mediterranean Ivory, laid in the 45, diamond pattern

Glass Accents on the Backsplash: Daltile Maracas Glass, Tortoise (scroll to the bottom to see this one, we're using the glossy glass)

Kitchen Cabinet Stain: BAC Classic Fruitwood from Sherwin Williams, you can see a patch of this in the picture above right next to the paint can lid.

And we will have NINE paint colors - our painter is going to love us! All of these colors are from Sherwin Williams if you want to go to their site and see the color.

1. Merry Pink - Rachel and Rebekah's rooms and bathroom
2. Wisteria - the purple accent color in Rachel's room
3. Impetuous - the green accent color in Rebekah's room and in the laundry room
4. Stolen Kiss - a deep red for the dining room and half bathroom
5. Pure White - trim color for the girl's rooms, bathroom, and laundry room
6. Dover White - trim color for the rest of the house
7. Color Match - the paint can lid in the photo above - most of the house
8. Color Match - 25% lighter, for Betty's room, her bathroom and the master bathroom and all the ceilings (except for the girls rooms)
9. Black Magic - for the small kitchen island, the cabinet in the breakfast area and the master bathroom.

The next decisions that need to be finalized are the lighting fixtures and appliances. Guess I'll be busy running around and making final decisions. I'll be sure to let you all know about everything we decide on! Oh, and here's a photo of that our fireplace mantle will look like!

This just in...the painters should start on Friday!!!!

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Karen said...

Wow! Been gone for awhile, but come back to a lot of progress! Things look GREAT! How exciting!