Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wild Weather Round 2?

There are some yucky storms heading our way. There have already been tornadoes in them. Are we in for another wild ride? Right now it looks like it may stay to the south of us. Stay tuned to find out.

Another note...brick was supposed to be delivered to our new house yesterday. Pray it doesn't all get blown away!! Maybe....just maybe...they will be able to start bricking tomorrow!!

Update: 11:22am, tornado sirens going off here in North Little Rock. Weatherman says one was sighted in South Pulaski County, I'm in North. They just went off. And they just came back on. What does this say about me....there are sirens going off and I'm here blogging about it instead of taking cover. Hmmm.... I'm just worried that my kids are freaking out now.

Update 4/16: Guess you could figure out we are OK. It missed us at our apartment, but again, got close to our house in Cabot. It hit near Ward, which is just north of where our house is. But everything is still OK. Praise God!

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Karen said...

Yikes! I thought about you guys yesterday when I heard bad storms were headed your way. We missed the brunt of it. Just some bad lightning/thunder at 3:30 am. Short lived. Whew.