Monday, April 21, 2008

More Brick and More Decisions...

Well, here it is with more brick! Also, here it is in the sunlight! Let me say, I am really liking it a lot better now. It's amazing what a little sunlight can make. It looks like the original brick we picked out. It also has had time to dry. This photo was taken on Sunday. We were disappointed to hear that they didn't do any more today, but they are supposed to finish up the bricking tomorrow. We'll see!

The home audio guy did make it out this morning to run the wires for our surround sound speakers/system in the living room. We are going to have two front speakers built into the wall. The speaker frame and grill will be painted to match the wall color. The two rear speakers will be mounted into the ceiling and also painted to match. It should be really nice.

We also had a meeting Sunday morning with a security system company. We have decided to get one hooked up. I think it will be nice to have one, especially while the neighborhood is being developed. We will be the only house on our little street for a while. Plus, it does give some peace of mind that we are safe. We opted not to get the motion detectors...can you see it? Kathy, the cat, would jump up on some piece of furniture and set it off. Or better, one of the girls starts puking in the middle of the night, I run to them...the last thing on my mind will be turning off the alarm. exchange we are getting a glass break sensor. Much better for us.

What's next? Well tomorrow...finish bricking. Tomorrow...insulation goes in. Wednesday...sheet rock is delivered. Oh yeah, met with the cabinet guy. I'm really excited about them. I'll be blogging more about them soon. Another thing...the master bathroom jet tub was delivered today. We're moving right along, thanks for checking in on the progress!


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Your home is looking wonderful. I am glad things are moving along.