Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sign of Spring

Ahh....a sign of spring...daffodils!
They have been blooming since late February.
We waited until Spring Break to make our trip to Wye Mountain.
We have gone in 2004, 2006 and now in 2008!
I must give you the run down on our trips there.
Let's just say they have been very interesting.

Rachel was about 20 months old and I could not wait to take her.
I envisioned breathtaking pictures of Rachel with the gorgeous flowers.
I had scrapbook pages already laid out in my head.
What I could not have predicted was this:

Rachel was TERRIFIED of the daffodils!
The longer we were there, the more upset she became.
I guess she thought they were going to get her,
because every time the wind blew the flowers, she would cry harder.
So, in true scrapbooker form, I went ahead and took her picture.
And, yes, the trip is documented in her scrapbook on a page entitled,
"Daffodil Fears, Daffodil Tears!"

This was the prettiest year of the three we have been.
The daffodils were absolutely gorgeous and
all you saw was fields of yellow.
Here are two photos I took that year:

Rachel is now almost four years old and Rebekah has just turned one.
Surely Rachel is no longer afraid of the flowers!
Let's try the trip again!
Can you guess what happened this time?
Here it is:

Yep. That's right.
Rebekah is now TERRIFIED of the daffodils!
Just like her sissy and in true form, she cried whenever
the flowers moved and did NOT want to be near them.
Well, I just had to laugh and since I had photos of Rachel screaming
in the daffodil field, I had to have one of Rebekah too!
The flowers were still pretty,
but if you got real close, you could tell a lot were really wilted.
But the trip was not a total waste,
I did manage to get one great photo of Rachel.
She wanted to just run and run in the fields and
wasn't interested at all in me taking her picture.
So, to get this one was a true challenge.
Here it is:

This year the flowers were the worst I have seen.
I am guessing that our late season snow on March 7th didn't help them.
Most all of the flowers were really wilted and
when you looked across the fields,
you didn't see all the yellow like in years past.
See what I mean!?!?

The girls were excited about going when
I talked about all the pretty yellow flowers.
Rebekah couldn't wait to pick her some.
I am happy to say that neither girl was afraid of them.
The only other problem this year besides wilted flowers was the wind.
It about blew us over!
We didn't stay long at all and I only took a few pictures.
Rebekah wasn't interested in sitting by Rachel for pictures.
Here are some for you to enjoy:

Rebekah is going through a phase where
she doesn't like to have her picture taken.
The one above was all I could get out of her.
She wouldn't sit amongst all the flowers,
this was where SHE wanted to sit and
I had to bribe her to even get this one!
So, on a funny note, here are two more pictures taken of her.
One is from 2006 and one is from 2008...and both are of her behind!

Happy Spring Everyone!


Karen said...

Love the identical looks on their faces---screaming in terror! :)

Is that shirt Rachel is wearing from Justice? It looks very familiar.

Jennifer said...

The shirt Rachel is wearing came from Kohl' that store. It's not Justice, it is come brand that begins with a P. I would go look now, but Rebekah is asleep.

Anonymous said...

ok, that top one is hysterical. Ellen is always asking for funny pictures for her show... you should send that one in.