Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow...

Some may know, some may not. Rachel and Rebekah have fallen in love with the movie Annie. Last Halloween, both girls wanted to be Annie. I was able to put together two of the cutest and authentic little Annies anyone ever saw! I'm not biased or anything... :-) I even found them Sandy stuffed dogs that were made in the 80's when the movie first came out and were in mint condition! The girls loved them. To top it all off, at the last minute on Halloween, Jon Paul and I came up with the idea that he could wear his suit and maybe we could find him a bald cap. He could surprise the girls and go as Daddy Warbucks, or "Daddy Bucks" as Bekah calls him. They were elated when they saw him. He was the hit of the festival we went to also!

The bald cap wasn't the easiest to put on. It was a true theater cap, glue and everything. In our short amount of time, we made it look as good as we could. So, let me introduce, Daddy Bucks and his Annies:

Aren't they all just adorable? Soon after Halloween, we heard that Annie was coming to our local theater. This is the professional touring show. Tickets didn't go on sale until the end of January and the show is this week. Jon Paul, his mom, Rachel and I are all going. I don't think Rebekah would sit through a three hour long performance, so she gets to go to Granna's!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow, you're only a day away! And, tomorrow is the big day. Show time is 1:00 p.m. Rachel will have to miss her kindergarten class's Valentine's Day party, but she didn't seem a bit sad. She is so excited to go see Annie on stage and guess what she is wearing.... Yep, the red dress, but minus the wig.


Karen said...

Too cute! Enjoy the show!! Those memories will last a lifetime!

Unknown said...

How cute. My KG is also in LOVE with Annie. We got it for her for Christmas and it is all she wants to watch. She goes around the house singing dumb dog and tomorrow. It's pretty cute. I need to get it on video. Guess I will have to do and Annie post too. :) Your girls are cute! Have fun at the show.