Sunday, February 10, 2008

Short and Sweet

Wow...what a busy week last week was. Mostly I was working a lot for my part-time job. But we also showed the house a lot!! Here is when the house got shown: Sunday - once, Monday - twice, Tuesday - once, Wednesday - once, Friday - once, and Saturday once. The people that came on Saturday, stayed for a full hour. We think they were coming to look at it for a second time because of the length of stay and the agent with them had already showed our house before.

It hasn't been too bad keeping the house up. I know all the cleaning and decluttering has really helped. There isn't as much to clean up! And getting out hasn't been too bad. I guess the only negative is not being able to cook dinner, since most people like to look after they get off work. We're making it though.
We did go and pick up some apartment guides. If we sell our house quickly, we will have to go somewhere! Surprisingly, there are several three bedroom apartments close by. Now we continue to wait and see what happens!

And the new house? Our builder's original bank strung him along for almost a month, not telling him that they really weren't going to give out any construction loans. In the meantime, he had gone to another bank, who approved him in less than two days. So, now the paperwork is being pushed through and as soon as he gets the money, we'll hit the ground running. Hopefully I'll have more to update soon!

In Rachel's take home folder, her teacher sent a note. She is the Star Student of the Week! She was so excited when I told her about it and can't wait to go to school in the morning. Until next time...

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Karen said...

Congrats, Rachel!!!!