Friday, January 11, 2008

My To Do List..

OK, I'm making a list. More for me, but if it's here, I have a little more accountability and save a tree for not writing it on paper. :-) We are planning on listing our house on February 1st, so we have about 20 days to complete the following list!

Things to do to get the house ready to put on the market:
1. Get window fixed. New window installed 1/11.
2. Measure attic opening/purchase new ladder stairs.
3. Install new attic ladder stairs.
4. Make appointment with Sears about water heater.
5. Decide about POD or mini storage building unit.
6. Clean out storage building in backyard.
7. Talk with Debbie about cleaning house. Coming 1/14.
8. Make a cleaning list for Debbie.
9. Get boxes. Thanks The Arnn House!!!
10. Fix siding on front porch.
11. De-clutter kitchen and laundry room.
12. Clean out medicine closet.
13. Clean out master bedroom and closet.
14. Reduce toys (separate storage & Duck Duck Goose).
15. Clean out Creative Memories closet.
16. Make appointment to get carpets cleaned. 1/23 at 8:30am
17. Take pictures of front of house.
18. Get Rebekah sleeping in toddler bed. First night, 1/12!
19. Get new light bulbs.
20. De-clutter desk.
21. Clean all 13 main and storm windows.
22. Rake and trim bushes in front yard.
23. Get new winter flag for flag pole.
24. Make a list of all improvements made on house.
25. Clean oven and microwave.
26. Power wash deck?!? Not going to get done right now.
27. Remain sane and patient with my children!

Check back. I'll update by marking off and commenting!! Wish me and my mother-in-law luck!! I'm just glad I have someone to work with, I work better when I have a partner!!

Until next time...

Edited: Jon Paul just called me. I'm sorry babe! Yes, Jon Paul will be helping out with A LOT on this list. I really didn't mean to leave him out. He's a great husband and a big help to me. Wish ALL of us luck. We're going to be busy!


Karen said...

Good luck. ALL of you! Sounds like quite the list to accomplish!

debbiearnn said...

i'm so excited for you guys!

i'm not kidding when i tellyou that I have a BUNCH of boxes you can have. They are in good condition...used only for our move to AR. Most are broken down and will need to be retaped.

if it seems worth it to you to drive to almost Bryant to come get them, let me know. I'd be happy to pass them along.