Monday, January 14, 2008

Kitchen and Laundry Room....DONE!!!

Today, Betty and I tackled the kitchen and laundry room. We spent all day working and packing. We cleaned out every cabinet and shelf. We packed about fifteen boxes of stuff we didn't have to have. I was able to pack away enough stuff to make room to put most all my appliances in the cabinets and not on the counter tops. My counters are practically bare!! I guess that's good when you are planning on selling your house! The laundry room looks bare too. Our garage on the other hand, it's starting to get full of boxes and stuff...all to go to the storage building. Debbie came today and cleaned all of the house, except for the kitchen - wonder why!?!? She is coming in the morning to clean the kitchen, dining area and laundry room.

When Jon Paul got home, we quickly cleaned out the storage building in the backyard. We took a lot of stuff out to put in the other storage building. We rearranged some of the things left and made plenty of room for us to put our garage sale stuff and Duck Duck Goose stuff.

Tomorrow, we tackle the living room. There will be a toy clean up, a bookshelf packed up, desk cleaned off, and papers shredded. One room at a time and the house will get ready! I think today was the toughest. So that means, things can only get easier!!

Now it's time to put my aching back and feet to bed. Until next time...


Karen said...

Ok, I'm fairly new here ....where are you moving TO? ;)

Jennifer said...

We're moving to a town just north of where we are now, Cabot, AR. A really nice town with much better schools.

Anonymous said...

ok, I haven't been here in a while..> told ya I'd forget... but I can't read about anyone having a garage sale w/o suggesting you give it away. Figure out how much your stuff is worth and then think if the deduction on your taxes is a better use of your time and resources. I don' tknow your tax bracket, but sometimes the percentage you pay in taxes is more than you'd get at a garage/duck duck goose sale anyway. AND they'll come get it. You don't have to sit there all day to sell stuff, no haggling. $14 for a pair of jeans instead of selling them for $2... and you get 15-30% of that back on your return.
OK, I said it... something to consider :)
Oh, one more thing... you can just dump it all into a box/bag... no hanging, sorting, folding... I get rid of stuff a couple times a year that way :)

Jennifer said...

Glad you found your way back. Yes, I know about the whole garage sale verses donation route. We're mostly gathering up to see how much we actually have for a garage sale. Right now, I'm not sure we will even have enough. We donated a van full of stuff last year to the Dorcas House.

As for DDG, well, I have always made really good money selling there, usually averaging around $500. It takes me about three days to get it all together. Getting to shop it early is my other reason for doing it. I always get my girls wardrobes for the upcoming season there, saving lots of money. My goal has always been to make as much as I spend, making it even, but I usually end up making way more than I spend. Make sense? Thanks for the advice though. Do you donate to anyone in particular?