Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Rebekah!

I can't believe that you are SIX years old today!

You woke up this morning still insisting you were five because you hadn't had your party yet. It was hard for you to understand that today was your birthday - and tomorrow is your party - but you still turn six today. I think you finally got it after talking a while and eating some breakfast. You couldn't wait to get to school because you were taking cupcakes for all your class to eat at snack time. You wanted chocolate cupcakes with white icing and pink and green flowers on them. They turned out beautiful!

Six Things I Love About You:
1. I love your silliness - as seen in the photos above. You are a natural in front of the lense.
2. I love hearing you read. You are learning so much now and it is so exciting watching you learn something new.
3. I love that you love to go to school. I pray that you never lose that desire to go and learn.
4. I love your tender and quiet heart. You are finding your voice and I'm proud of you for that.
5. I love the fact you are not a morning person. You are like your Momma and would prefer not to talk or anything soon after getting up. But once you have your breakfast, you are usually much perkier.
6. I love laugh, especially when we get into a good tickle fight. It melts my heart.

I hope you have a wonderful day today. Mommy and Daddy are taking you out tonight by yourself! Rachel will be at a sleepover, so you get us all to yourself. You have requested to ride go-carts - so that is what we are doing. Tomorrow afternoon is your gymnastics party. I know you can't wait!

I better go now - I have a date with you for lunch at school. I love you my sweet baby!!

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