Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nature is Great - A Poem By Rachel

Nature is Great
By Rachel Jones, age 7.5
Written June 4, 2010

Where ever you go, nature is everywhere.
In the mountains or on a plain, nature is in the air.

I am a flower, my petals are bright;
What I really like, is the sun's yellow light.

I am a jewel, you can find me in a cave.
Go inside, you must be brave!

I am land, I’m everywhere;
On the ground or floating on air.

I am animals, I like to roam.
It’s hard to find my natural home.

I am water, I flow a stream.
Try to make sure you stay clean.

I am sky, I show at day and night.
I live with sun, its always bright.

Now you know what nature is about,
Come on, lets shout!

Nature is cool, nature is great
Nature is never, ever late!


Angie said...

Very cute poem Rachel :)

Amanda said...

Rachel...I love it! Very clever & true! Keep up the good work, I know your Mom is SO proud of you!!

-Amanda Barker

Anonymous said...

Good job, Rachel! Excellent rhyming! :)

Amy said...

Wow, Rachel, I'm empressed! Beautiful poem :)