Monday, November 16, 2009

School Pictures...

Both girls had their school pictures made. I wanted pictures that would match, so I chose the same pose and background for each of them. Unfortunately, since they were taken at different schools and more than likely different photographers, their backgrounds ended up not being quite the same color. This is Rachel's second grade picture and Rebekah's pre-K picture. Yeah, I know...Rachel has on her "fake" smile! :) Gotta love school photos to document all those stages we go through!

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becca said...

I'm glad to know they wait til 6 months. I really wouldn't want to do anything about it NOW if I didn't have to. I've been pressing on it since discovering it. His (seems to be) between the abdominal muscles... not localized to the umbilical cord spot. So, don't know if that makes it worse. It isn't small. I can't imagine going thru the night not allowing him to eat. That seems worse than the acutal surgery!
But maybe I'm neurotic and it is nothing... we'll see.