Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Photo Hunt - Military

NOTE: All of these photos were from the pre-digital era and were scanned in.

Here we are with our good friends, James and Kim, with Lady Liberty. Our symbol of freedom that many fought so hard for us to have. For this, I am eternally grateful!

My grandfather was a World World II Veteran. My brother-in-law is currently serving in the Air Force and my step-dad is a Vietnam veteran. I couldn't locate any pictures of them in uniform or anything military related. But I am grateful for their service to our country and our freedom!

Here is Jon Paul with his best friend James Lester. He is in the navy and stationed in Virginia Beach, VA. This was in 2000 right before he left for a six month deployment on his boat.

Here they are, pushing away for their tour. It was a beautiful site seeing all the service men and women lined up on the edge.

Heading out the bay and into the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean!

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