Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rebekah's in Savvy Kids

Rebekah's picture is in yet another magazine in her short four year life. This time, she is in Savvy Kids. This is a fairly new magazine that features kids and their birthday parties. Rebekah attended Madalynn's birthday party this past September and Savvy Kids was there taking pictures for the magazine. You can submit your birthday party information and they might come to your party and feature your kid! Here is her picture in the magazine:

A photo taken of Rebekah on her first birthday was featured as the cover for Little Rock's Kid's Directory. I took the photo and it was featured on the March cover one year later. Here is a screen shot of this cover for you to enjoy!

Rachel wasn't real happy that Bekah got to be in another magazine. She was supposed to go to the party, but was running a fever - so she had to stay at home. Maybe soon she will get her turn!


The Brewers said...

I'm not positive, but it seems as though one of your top pics has Rachel putting up a hook 'em horns sign...what will your fellow razorback fans think of this??? j/k the girls are certainly growing big!!!

Jennifer said...

Good one Jennifer! That would be "I love you" in sign language! She was calling the hogs before she could walk, there are no horns in this household! :)

The Brewers said...

LOL, I remember her calling the hogs!! I'm glad to see you guys are doing well!